Dualicom’s team evaluates the provision of services in both official languages for several federal departments and Crown corporations.


A committed partner that puts its staff’s specialized knowledge of the provision of bilingual services to work for Canadian businesses and institutions.


Promote Canada’s linguistic duality by offering solutions for implementing bilingual service models, translation and revision to Canadian organizations.
A centre of excellence in translation designed to provide young translators with a healthy work environment and allow all staff members to achieve their full potential.

Corporate Values

Our corporate values guide our conduct with our clients and colleagues.

Customer Service

Dualicom succeeds when its clients succeed. To help its clients, Dualicom listens and tries to understand their needs, then develops innovative solutions that are adapted to those needs.


Dualicom’s staff treat their colleagues and clients with respect and integrity.


Dualicom is convinced of the synergistic power of teamwork. Its staff work closely with clients and establish partnerships with other organizations to benefit its clients.


Dualicom sincerely believes that linguistic duality allows Canadian organizations to stand out on the international scene. It cares about the success of Canada’s language industry. Dualicom is working to build a company that will benefit both its clients and its employees by providing an environment that fosters learning.