Around the world, approximately 800,500,000 people speak English and 500,000,000 speak French.

Cultural Practices

Dualicom has adopted seven cultural practices, i.e. behaviour expected of all staff members at all times with their colleagues, clients and partners.

  1. We hold ourselves and others accountable for:
    1. Our impact on business results and our impact on people.
    2. Delivering on our commitments, agreements and promises
  2. We establish and maintain solid partnerships by taking straight in a responsible manner, because we are committed to the success of others.
  3. We are attentive to contributions and commitment from others and are open to people and ideas. We actively seek and act on coaching.
  4. We resolve conflict and failure and remedy situations quickly and responsibly.
  5. We hold ourselves and others accountable for creating a safe environment in which people are comfortable and are not afraid to speak out candidly and in a responsible manner.
  6. We acknowledge the success of others often and celebrate all successes whether small or large.